ART SGX 2000 Express
Guitar Valve Pre-Amp and Multi Effects Unit
ART X-15
MIDI Foot Controller

ART SGX 2000 Express + Original Box + Original Manuals + Spare Valve + Software & Patches

The ART. SGX 2000 Express  has been my main pre-amp / multi effects unit for over about 15 years now, and in all that time I haven't found a unit to match it. The 12AX7 valve in the pre-amp section really does make a difference, especially with overdriven and distortion sounds. In my humble opinion this gives the closest sound to a real tube amp, even straight into a desk and through a P.A.. The unit has been rack mounted and protected throughout its life. It is in perfect working order and has never let me down. There are a few light scuffs on the top of the case and I have replaced the front knobs for ones I believe are better suited and more substantial. I even have the original box ( even though it has been in my loft and is a bit tattered ).

Fifteen years ago the unit cost over 800 new and they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.
A real professional unit with loads of patches and effects.

The Express benefits from having 475 user presets / patches, and over 70 assignable effects.

  • Bank A "Classic" holds 125 instant use presets.

  • Bank B "Performance" holds 116 performance presets

  • Bank C "Production" holds 111 presets you would use in a studio / recording situation

  • Bank D "Contribution" holds 123 patches created by recording engineers and artists

If you are unsure about how good this unit is check out the reviews at Harmony-Central

Further reading and PDF manuals can be found by searching google for franknitsch + sgx

I don't think you'll be disappointed, I know I haven't been for 15 years.

ART X-15 MIDI Foot Controller + Power Supply + MIDI Leads + Spare Optical Strips

This is the icing on the cake. While the SGX 2000 sits out of harms way, the X-15 MIDI Foot Controller takes care of all your patch / effects changes. It is equipped with two fully assignable expression pedals. For instance one can be your volume while the other can be assigned to be a Wah Wah. Or maybe you want one to be volume and the other to control delay level. The possibilities are endless. Connected to the SGX 2000 via two MIDI cables ( supplied ), this pedal board truly allows the SGX 2000 to show it's full potential.

The X-15 has the usual scuffs through gigging but again has never let me down. The power supply is not the original one, but it works fine so no worries. Everything works as it should and I will include some spare optical strips for the expression pedals. If you ever need any more the guys at ART ( Applied Research Technology ) have always been excellent and have sent me some over free of charge from the U.S.A.

The X-15 sold at 199 when new.

If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to answer them quickly.

What you get :-

  • 1 x ART SGX2000 Express with original manuals and spare valve in original box

  • 1 x Patch editing software disc for the SGX2000 Express complete with user patches

  • 1 x ART X-15 MIDI Foot Controller with MIDI leads and spare optical strips

The 6 unit rack case and spare X-15 shown in the images below are NOT included.

As the items are quite heavy I would prefer collection but delivery charges are 10 for mainland U.K.

You are welcome to view and demo in Seaford, East Sussex.